There’s nothing better than having a furry friend to keep you company on your travels. Looking after your pet on the road is just as important as it is when the two of you are home together. Keep reading to learn more about pet safety on the road.

Tips For Driving Safely With Your Pet

Secure your pet in a proper seat

It may sound like fun to drive with your dog beside you in the passenger seat or even in your lap, but it’s not a very safe option for your pup for a couple of reasons. First, there are airbags. While they provide a great deal of protection for you, they can seriously harm your pet.

Seating your furry friend in the back seat is a much better option. Restraints help keep your pet safe. Many dog car seats and seat belts are easy to install. If you don’t think your pet will sit well in a restraint, consider kenneling him. Many vehicles with versatile cargo areas provide enough room inside for this to be a safe option.

Don’t leave your pet behind when you park

Never leave your pet unattended in your car. When you park and get out, be sure to take your pet with you at all times. The temperature may seem pleasant outside, and you might only be gone for a minute, but the cabin of your car will amplify that outside temperature very quickly. Elevated temperatures grow dangerous for a pet in no time.

Prepare for the unexpected

Every road trip has its hiccups. Keep them at a minimum with proper planning ahead of time. If your dog has only been inside a vehicle during short trips to the vet, it might be a good idea to help him get acclimated to more relaxed rides before going on long road trips. It’ll help keep pet anxiety and car sickness at bay.

Also, pack a bag for your pet. Add a leash for pit stops, snacks, toys, medications and anything else your pet will need on your journey.

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